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The Sustainable Kentucky Map

We get lots of emails here at Sustainable Kentucky, but one of the most common is, “Where’s the map?” We’ve long thought about putting one together, but after being inspired by Rona Robert’s informative local foods map at Savoring Kentucky, we decided to go ahead and take a stab at it. Instead of listing all the […]

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How To Find a Sustainable Farm in Kentucky

One of the most common questions I get in my inbox is a variation of this: “I live in ____________. Can you recommend a farm that sells organic/sustainable/humane/natural/affordable  ________ ?” I wish I had the time, knowledge, and resources to provide a personally tailored answer to each of these emails! But, sadly, Kentucky is a […]

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Pike Valley Farm

As a general rule, I think I read too much environmentalist propaganda. This has led me to envision all farms as huge corporations that rape the land, abuse the animals, and try to raise food in the same manner that you would operate a factory. (Not just any factory, but those sweatshop-kind that hire children […]

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