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Grassfed Burgers and Rock Walls: The Red River Rockhouse

{I am wildly excited to announce our newest contributor here at Sustainable Kentucky. Rachael Brugger is a resident of Lexington, a board member at Faith Feeds, Senior Web Editor for Hobby Farms, and Contributor to Urban Farm. Oh, and in her spare time she is a flautist with the March Madness Marching Band. You can […]

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Interview: David Domine, Kentucky Author & Foodie

In recent years, Louisville has rightfully earned a reputation as one of America’s greatest food cities. With a dizzying array of options, many of which operate on the farm-to-table model, it’s become a hotspot for foodies around the country and globe. Perhaps no one appreciates this more than one of the city’s leading food writers, […]

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Interview: The Bluebird & Marksbury Farms

Something exciting is happening in Stanford, Kentucky. A new restaurant, the Bluebird, is soaring in popularity—and it isn’t just the delicious menu that’s bringing in the customers. With a commitment to local foods and sustainable agriculture practices, the Bluebird stands to change the way food is served in small town America. I’ve talked to so […]

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