A Sustainability Checklist

Sometimes folks are confused about whether or not they fit into the sustainable movement. Maybe the sustainable seed is just that, a small seed planted deep in your spirit. A seed that longs to trade in your corporate job in a cubicle for a little plot of land and a tomato patch. Or perhaps the seed has already blossomed into something more, and you’re “living the dream” right now. Whatever end of the spectrum you fall in, here are some clues that might help you figure out if this little website might be the place for you:

  • Your nightstand is currently stacked with seed catalogs.
  • Your spouse has ever told you “no” when you mentioned getting a composting toilet.
  • These terms do not confuse you: off-grid, vermicompost, or apiary.
  • You have pondered whether solar panels would be worth taking out a second mortgage for.
  • Your home library contains one or more of the following: the Foxfire books, Emergency Survival Guide, Wild Edibles, or anything written by an author with a name like Goosedown Sprayberry.
  • Your friends have ever called you a tree hugger, a hippie, or an Amish-wannabe.
  • You own goats, ducks, or a wide assortment of fruit trees.
  • You have ever worried about the dangers of plastic, shampoo, or too much television.
  • You secretly daydream of economic collapse so you can test out your self-reliance and emergency food reserves.
  • You ever wondered what it would be like to live in a commune.
  • You’ve ever lived in a commune.
  • You have been known to plant so much garden that you need to coerce friends and neighbors into pulling weeds and eating produce.
  • You get excited by words like organic, heirloom, or rain barrel.
  • You don’t put your faith in the government, corporate America, or basically anything anyone else tells you.
  • You’ve ever ground your own wheat, brewed your own beer, or made your own cheese.
  • You’ve ever felt like you are the only person you know with such crazy interests.
  • You have a flock of chickens in the back of your suburban neighborhood.
  • You’ve wondered if your neighbor would let you keep a milk cow in that empty stretch of lawn next to his swimming pool.
  • Rabbit: It’s What For Dinner.

If any of this rings a bell, then you may have just found a home here at Sustainable Kentucky. If it doesn’t, well, sit and stay awhile anyway and perhaps we can win you over to the green side.