One of our most frequently asked questions is, “Can you recommend a farm near ________?” We’ve finally created a map featuring all the farms, businesses, and non-profits that we’ve had the privilege to write about. (Thanks to Rona Roberts at Savoring Kentucky for giving us the push to get it done with her own inspiring local foods map!)

If there’s one thing this little geography lesson has shown us: we’ve still got a lot of ground left to cover! Look for new additions to the map in the coming year as we continue our quest to seek out the coolest and most interesting green Kentuckians.

Please note: this map is not an endorsement of the businesses listed. However, we encourage you to read our posts about them and then do some research on your own to see if the business is a good fit for your family’s values. Remember, knowing your farmer is the only way to get the best food!

Also, many places on the map are just approximations—visit the location’s website for exact details.

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