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Interview: Ray Tucker of Solar Place Farm Talks Community

I hope that you caught my earlier tour of Solar Place Farm, the passive solar home of Ray Tucker, former chair of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. I really loved getting to look inside Ray’s beautiful home, but what I really enjoyed was when we set down to talk about community. This is a topic that […]

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How To Find a Sustainable Farm in Kentucky

One of the most common questions I get in my inbox is a variation of this: “I live in ____________. Can you recommend a farm that sells organic/sustainable/humane/natural/affordable  ________ ?” I wish I had the time, knowledge, and resources to provide a personally tailored answer to each of these emails! But, sadly, Kentucky is a […]

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House Tour: Solar Place Farm

There’s a difference in a house and a home. And this home has a hundred stories in it. ~Ray Tucker When I asked you what you wanted to learn more about, solar was definitely at the top of the list. The sun is so powerful, it only makes sense that we harvest its power at […]

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Raw Milk Cow

The Raw Milk Debate and Why It Should Matter To You

The raw milk debate is nothing new. For many years, folks have fought for the right to purchase milk that has not been pasteurized. In recent times, the debate has gotten more heated. The last few years have seen raids on locations selling raw milk that seem reminiscent of something that would happen at a […]

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Join the Garden Party!

I’ve been working on planning on the spring garden. Have you? I tend to overextend myself and want to plant everything and plant it now in the spring. Then August rolls around and it is so hot and I am so tired and the weeds are so tall that I really just can’t wait until […]

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