Available Now: A New Book From Rough Draft Farmstead

I know many of you fell in love with Hannah and Jesse of Rough Draft Farmstead when I first wrote about them here on Sustainable Kentucky. If you were like me, though, it wasn’t enough. You wanted to know more about their story but felt like you were being nosy asking, right? (What is it about two farmers falling in love? Gets me every time.)

{Picture courtesy Rough Draft Farmstead}

{Picture courtesy Rough Draft Farmstead}

Jesse has been an ongoing contributor on this blog, educating us on the fascinating world of fermentation. Now, he’s taken his talent for writing to a new level, and I couldn’t be more excited! His new book, Bringing Wine Home: Book One is available NOW and will be on Amazon soon. I have been crazy waiting for this project to be complete since Hannah and Jesse first told me it was in the works. The anticipation, and also the desire to blab about it to everyone, has been nearly overwhelming!

The book is a memoir about Jesse’s life (the early stages). How did a child of two alcoholics become a Kentucky farmer and wine maker? There’s also some instruction on natural wine making, too, I believe. (Jesse’s a good teacher, too—I’ve been making wine successfully under his instructions and doing great.)


I am going to pick up my copy at the Kentucky Green Living Fair so I can get it signed by Jesse and Hannah. Because one day (when they are even more famous then they are now), I can say that I knew them before they were famous.

Visit their website to learn more about the book and them. Just a fair warning: their blog is sort of addictive, so prepare for yourself for a long morning of off-grid-cabin-envy-web-surfing.

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