Archive | March, 2013

Available Now: A New Book From Rough Draft Farmstead

I know many of you fell in love with Hannah and Jesse of Rough Draft Farmstead when I first wrote about them here on Sustainable Kentucky. If you were like me, though, it wasn’t enough. You wanted to know more about their story but felt like you were being nosy asking, right? (What is it […]

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How To Start/Support the Local Food Movement in Your Town

I am working on updating our frequently asked questions this week, and this is one that comes up a lot: “How do I start and/or support the local food movement where I live?” This is a tough question, especially since it is usually asked by someone in a rural area. Every community is different and it is […]

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Now Hiring: The Bluebird Cafe in Stanford

I’ve got some cool news! My friends at the Bluebird are looking for a sous chef. If you live in Kentucky and are passionate about cooking great food using local, healthy ingredients, this is the job for you. I’ve heard that it is an amazing place to work and I know it is an amazing place to eat. While […]

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