Great Hikes: Yahoo Falls

I took the kids on our first hike of the new year. We went to Yahoo Falls in Stearns, Kentucky. This is a perfect hike for kids because if you go the short way, you can be at the falls in a quarter of a mile. Great for little legs, although there are some spots where the drop-off is a bit steep. Also, we ended up hiking much further than that because the kids did not want to stop, but what can you do?

Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of why we make tough choices to protect the environment, but days like today remind you why! The natural beauty of Kentucky is astounding. If you haven’t hit a trail in a while, you really should. I don’t know that hikes will be a recurring theme on the blog, but what is more sustainable than the great outdoors?



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The highlight of the trip was seeing a bobcat in the wild for the first time. You know when you see “evidence” of Bigfoot and think—why in the heck couldn’t you get a better shot than that? Well, I have more compassion now because by the time I got over my awe and took the lens cap off, this cool guy was pretty far out. (Oh, how I suddenly wished I had better photography equipment.) The moral of this story is that I hope I never meet Bigfoot because my photographic evidence would be pretty doubtful.




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