A Tomato Manifesto

It’s tomato season, and this year I’m issuing a Tomato Manifesto. I am making a deliberate decision to pursue great tomatoes, great farmers, and a great life!

  • I will grow my own tomatoes when I am able, understanding that the best way to understand the value of something is to produce it myself.
  • I will know the farmer who grows my tomatoes by name.
  • I will buy ugly tomatoes. (I take task with the American standard of perfection, whether it be a blemish-free tomato produced with gallons of chemicals, or a photoshopped model on the cover of a magazine.)
  • I will not remind my farmer that I can buy cheaper tomatoes at {insert Big Box Mart store name here}.
  • I will happily pay a higher price for  a tomato that I know has been produced naturally, by a family striving to make ends meet, right in my own community.
  • I will thank the farmer who grows my tomatoes for nourishing my family and the land that they work.
  • I will savor the flavor of a farm fresh tomato—appreciating the complexities and intricacies that don’t exist in a perfectly round red hothouse tomato that has been hauled 2,000 miles in a semi across the continent.
  • I will share a delicious, organic, heirloom tomato with someone this season who could not afford it to purchase it on their own.

Want to make a public stance in favor of a great tomato? You can sign your name to the manifesto by leaving a comment or let others know your stance by sharing on Facebook or Twitter.

Three cheers for great tomatoes!


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One Response to “A Tomato Manifesto”

  1. Judith Inge
    July 12, 2012 at 6:19 pm #

    I will (and do) raise my own tomatoes!…….and this year, with the drought, having to buy some for canning, I do know the name of my farmer. Landon Taylor!